Collection Facilities

  • Many reports are available for paid and unpaid tax reporting, the user can add administrative fees if needed.
  • Track collection methods, conversations, letters and correspondence
  • Produce Warrant In Debt forms and listings, judgments and citations
  • Letter writing system available for user-designed notifications of delinquency (user selects tax types and years to include)
  • Debt Set Off electronic interfaces
  • Vehicle Registration Withholding STOP electronic interfaces
  • TACS electronic interface

Financial Institution Interface

  • Accept ACH payments
  • Accept lock box data and update customer accounts
  • Process mortgage company information and allow user to send/receive and edit data before posting to payment file

Miscellaneous Systems

  • Multiple billing systems available for miscellaneous services such as those used by schools and social services, landfill transactions, mowing assessments
  • One-time and recurring charges billing
  • Apply penalty and interest charges for late payment
  • Statements show prior balance and current charges
  • Remote counter system allows bonded employees at another location to enter monies collected, produce receipts and update the collections to the Treasurer’s office

Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • Track detail deposits for all bank accounts
  • Easy reconciliation of checks, direct deposits, on-line payment deposits and deposits
  • Outstanding checks/deposits list
  • Detail statement on demand