The BAI Payroll (PR) Module interfaces with BAI General Ledger (GL) and Accounts Payable (AP) Modules as well as IRS for electronic W2's, VRS for monthly reporting, VEC for quarterly reporting, and banking websites for direct deposit.

999 entities can be established allowing simultaneous payroll processing for each entity.


The system consists of menu based tables that permit non-programming staff (users) to alter ever-changing rates and schedules that the PR process requires. Examples include but are not limited to: Deduction master files to design the impact each deduction should have on the GL, taxing method and W2 reporting. Department masters used to interface to the GL from Gross Wages to Net Pay for each group of employees. Other Pay Code to permit the special circumstances and exceptions that occur during the calculation of an employee's Gross Pay. Federal, State, FICA Tax Tables. Retirement Tables that contain information for Excess Group Life, Optional Life, VRS, and Hybrid Plans. Worker Comp Tables to establish rates and groupings.

PIC (Payroll Interoffice Communication) will allow users to establish payroll ending dates and schedule payroll changes in the future. This method will also create an audit trail of when and who made changes in payroll information. PIC also assists when multiple departments are making entries into PR.

VRS Hybrid Plan is in place in all localities and will be modified as changes are necessary.

Calculate taxes for FICA Medicare Employee (EE) and Employer (ER) Amounts with the new $200K tax changes, Federal Withholdings, SUTA, FUTA and State using user-defined tax tables

Mass updates available for deduction amounts, salary amounts within departments, grade/step salary data, and bank routing information for direct deposit.

Other pay is payable using hourly, multiple or flat rate amounts and can include bonuses, holiday pay, jury pay, incentives, sick pay, vacation pay, and compensation.

Standard check and direct deposit statement formats available at no cost to user, check signatures can be added to print electronically for a small charge as signatures change.

Departmental time entry and Section 207 calculations of time worked can be utilized .

Optional import data from a third party time keeping system can be utilized.

Optional BAI (must be purchased) program for eservices adds functionality for employee convenience.

Employee Maintenance

Payroll records contain complete EE information including name, address, contact information, pay grade, hire and termination date, health insurance information, position description, current and one year prior budget information, EEO data, state funding information and other details.  Within employee maintenance the user can turn on an IRS lock, process What If Gross to Net Calculations for an EE, Review each EE gross to net with ER deductions by pay period, produce W2's for any year, attach EE images, and attach all HR and Personnel information to a single EE record.

Inquires into paycheck and deduction history current year-to-date wage and deductions and leave by date are available.

Payroll Process

The system is designed to process automatic gross for salaried employees, with simple exception to the salary data entry, as well as easy input for hourly, weekly, or daily paid employees.

The system processes direct deposit information and produces employee direct deposit statements, employees can allocate their net pay to multiple financial institutions.

Multiple lines of GL distribution available for each employee (salary splits).

Process deduction checks or direct payment transactions for electronic AP payments with payroll process.

Automatic void and manual adjustments procedures (used for corrections, leave without pay benefits and third party sick pay).

School Features

The system allows for the contract months, accrual and supplemental considerations needed by school entities.


Quarterly 941 Processing options include Unemployment Report, Quarterly Report, and Employment Commission Report Electronic VRS processing.

On demand reports: EEO Reports, Worker's Compensation Report, State and locally funded position reports, Year-to-date employee reports, ER or EE deduction reports, Random drug testing reports.

Edit and process yearly W2's at any time, produce file for Accuwage and IRS, reproduce prior year W2's as needed. Inquiry into W2 for any employee, any year processed on BAI in PR Maintenance.

Leave Tracking

Establish up to 99 leave accrual tables based upon vacation dates input in each EE record.

Leave taken and comp time earned can be tracked by day, with user input notes regarding leave taken recorded.

Users can also track leave that has no impact on the EE leave balances, such as training sessions, etc.

The system will allow the user to update the payroll process in mass when posted, showing the taken information on PR checks or Direct Deposit Statements.


Up to 999 deductions can be attached to each employee.

Perform deduction calculations by flat rate or percentage on VRS, Annual, Regular, Net or Salary.

Deduction possibilities include but not limited to: garnishments, retirement systems, hospitalization, retirement buyback, savings bond Christmas club and deferred deductions.

Flex benefits.

Personnel & Human Resources

User-defined tacking capabilities including but not limited to: Higher education information, Equipment issued, EE review information, EE history information.