Financial Reporting

The BAI General Ledger (GL) module is an interactive and complete accounting system containing a flexible Chart of Accounts, budget preparation options, and an abundance of financial reports. 

The General Ledger module is the foundation on which all other BAI components are built. Accounts Payable, Payroll and Purchasing transactions posted through BAI accounting software automatically impact the General Ledger with no data exports or conversions. All GL activity is viewable immediately after updates occur. 

Accounts Payable

The BAI Accounts Payable (AP) module contains purchase orders, invoice entry, requisitions and central stores; this module also interfaces with BAI Payroll (PR) to process fringe benefit checks, BAI Utility Billing (UT) and BAI Treasurer (TR) refunds for utility deposits and tax overpayments. In addition, AP produces electronic files for both 1099's filers and Direct Payment transactions for banking websites.


The BAI Payroll (PR) Module interfaces with BAI General Ledger (GL) and Accounts Payable (AP) Modules as well as IRS for electronic W2's, VRS for monthly reporting, VEC for quarterly reporting, and banking websites for direct deposit.

Utility Billing 

The Utility Billing module manages the information needed for billing and work orders and includes options for customer and service location masters and maintenance, utility billing types and rates multiple collection methods, penalty and delinquency processing, financial reporting, inquiries, and numerous other options.