The Commissioner of the Revenue Module contains all the tools necessary
for assessments. The module contains options designed for real estate, personal
property, business licenses, public services, minerals, consumer taxes, state
income, miscellaneous taxes, and all supplements and abatements within the
Commissioner's Module.

The module interfaces with the Treasurer's Counter System, General
Ledger, General Reassessment and Appraisal Modules.


  • Print tax books for real estate, personal property, supplements, general reassessment, elderly, sanitary districts, towns, cities, or counties within one locality, tax exemptions, minerals and public services
  • Master files for districts and departments
  • Abatements for all properties on demand
  • Produce supplements for real estate, public service and personal property on demand
  • Inquiry available for all properties
  • Save tax books in multiple year history files and maintain access to prior ownership information
  • Module interacts with NADA, DMV, Game and Inland Fisheries and Forms Software
  • Add messages to a customer's account; message automatically displays when the account is accessed
  • Zip code table checks for valid entries