BAI.NET is a suite of web applications that run on a Windows application server. The Web applications allow employees or citizens of a municipality to securely access appropriate information using a Web browser.


  • Allow taxpayers to pay bills levied by a locality using the Internet
  • Make online payments using a credit card though Verisign's secure order form
  • Make online payments using an electronic check (TeleCheck)
  • View detailed tax ticket information for current and past bills online
  • Records immediately updated when bills are paid online
  • Printable detail receipts
  • Ensures security by performing queries and updates without the end-user directly accessing the database
  • Full or partial payments accepted
  • Cross-platform database access
  • Customers with Verisign and/or TeleCheck accounts can use their existing accounts with BAI.NET
  • Building Inspectors possessing a handhold PC with an Internet connection can inspect a site and instantaneously update the BAI database with results

BAI.NET Packages

BAI Finance Package Options

Paystub Inquiry – For payroll departments that provide direct deposit, this option allows employees to view current paystub information or payroll history on line. The locality or employee can choose to opt out of receiving a paper copy of the pay stub to save paper.

W2 (Employee) – Employees can print their own W2 for the current or previous years. The locality or employee can choose to opt out of receiving a paper copy of the W2 to save paper.

W2 (Employer) – A designated employee can generate all W2's for employees. Running this option allows the W2's to be saved as .pdf's (portable document format) and sent to any network or local printer.

General Ledger Year-to-Date Inquiry - A G/L number search option allows year-to-date general ledger information to be viewed and printed.

Accounts Payable Vendor Invoice Inquiry – Search by invoice number, vendor name, or vendor number to view paid and unpaid vendor invoices.

Budget Entry – Enter budget request figures for department and administrator. G/L security can limit each user to only approved budget departments.

BAI Treasurer's Package Options

       - Pay Real Estate Taxes

       - Pay Personal Property Taxes

       - Purchase Decals

       - Buy Pet Tags

       - Pay Utility Bills

       - Utility Bill Inquiry

       - Public inquiry / Title Search

       - Reprint Paid Real Estate Tax Information